Integrating Women Leaders Foundation (IWL) is a 501(c)(3) organization focused on inspiring and empowering authentic, inclusive leadership in corporate America and around the world.

Since its start in 2010, IWL has been focused on accelerating the advancement of all women to drive individual and organizational growth and impact. Our mission is even more critical today. A focus on gender equity is the gateway to the other equally important conversations and actions that also need to happen in support of other talent that is often marginalized or underrepresented. Doing this work successfully requires allyship.

IWL's signature annual women's leadership conference offers an impactful personal experience and has grown to a global reach. Our programming throughout the year includes workshops, corporate engagements and other events supporting women's empowerment and progress on allyship journeys.

We believe companies, communities, and lives are better when all people can be who they are and have equal access to limitless possibilities for success. Creating safe spaces for courageous conversations on gender equity and beyond helps achieve that goal. When we talk, we create awareness. When we create awareness, we open the door to action. And when we act, we make a difference.